Replica of First Philippine Independence Day Flag Unfurled and Raised Up in London

by Renato Lucero

In an unprecedented move by the Caviteños UK, history was made when a replica of the Philippine flag, which was raised up by the Philippine revolution leader and First President, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavite was first unfurled and raised up in London on the 11th day of June 2016. (See more photos at Caviteños UK 118th Independence Day Celebration)

Caviteños UK 2016 | 118th Independence Day Celebration

This was part of the commemoration of the 118th Philippine Independence Day when on the 12th day of June 1898, the Philippines won its freedom from the shadows of the Spanish colonisers. Such ceremony is considered as the first to have happened on a foreign land.

Caviteños UK 2016 | 118th Independence Day Celebration

Caviteños UK, presently chaired by Yvette Remojo Ramos, was instrumental in organizing the event held at the Holiday Inn in Gloucester Road, London. The theme of the celebration was “Pagdiriwang ng ika-118th Araw ng Kalayaan.”

It was a very well attended event, with so many officers and members of other Filipino Associations present led by the officers of ENFiD-UK. Ms. Ramos is also holding office as one of the members of the Board of Trustees of ENFiD-UK.

Caviteños UK 2016 | 118th Independence Day Celebration

The First Secretary of the Philippine Embassy in London, Consul Kristine Salle, represented the new Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St James, His Excellency Evan Garcia as the Guest Speaker.

The food was good, specially the yummy chocolate cake dessert but the nonstop dancing made the night really sweaty.

Caviteños UK 2016 | 118th Independence Day Celebration UK 2016 03

The greatgrandson of Emilio Aguinaldo, Emil, who was supposed to bring the replica flag to London, unfortunately did not make it to the celebration in person but appeared and greeted all the party guests through an online video link.

The event’s host and hostess were Peps Villanueva and Carol Panday with the latter wearing a very colourful Muslim attire. Dress-wise, the theme was very patriotic. Men paraded their finest Barong Tagalogs while the women glistened the evening in their Filipiniana/Maria Clara inspired Ternos.

Another highlight of the occasion was the rendition of the popular song “Ako ay Pilipino” by a budding Filipino Artist born and raised up in London. Her name is Tamara Jade Canda.

Truly, it was a night full of fun. A night every Filipino could look back to and feel proud of their identity and cultural heritage.

Mabuhay and CAVITEÑEOS UK! Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!

(See more photos at Caviteños UK 118th Independence Day Celebration)