Psychological First Aid Training-Seminar

by Petmyla Arceño

Learning and Development is one of the key programmes of ENFID – European Network of Filipino Diaspora. ENFiD-UK initiated a Psychological First Aid Training-Seminar on the 17th day of December 2017 at the Baden Powell House Conference Hall, South Kensington, London.

ENFID-UK led by current Chairperson Christian W Estrada with deputy chairperson Novo-Mar Foronda Ramos, Vice Chairpersons Ronald Sipat, Madelyn Dela Cruz Richardson, Leny Cordero, Glenn Llarena, Board of Trustees Maria Basford , Mathie Smith , Yvette Remojo Ramos, Ruby Carmencita Dancel Ibalio , Ronnie V Del Barrio and Moises Espanola, altogether organised a free training to our communities in London. Our Young ENFiD-UK helped as facilitators.

Psychological First Aid with our resource speaker Edwin Dela Cruz( previous ENFID-UK chair) , Head of Faculty of Nursing in Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust presented a 3 hour training to almost 80 attendees with the following key points :

● Anyone can be a Psychological First Aider . You don’t need to have a degree or profession.
● Sensitivity , confidentiality and Listening are a must when giving a support .

● Mental Health is as important as Physical Health .
● A big difference between sadness and depression . Sadness is temporary and depression may take longer term and may need medication .

● Culturally – we Filipinos need more understanding of how important mental health is and it’s not something to take lightly.
● Different coping techniques

● Critical signs and knowing how and when to use the psychological first aid .And most importantly, when to step back.
● We all have different perceptions , expectations and experiences that may colour our train of thoughts and mindsets.

● Trust is important . No to gossiping ( tsismis is out for first aiders)
● Avoid phrases such as ” I told you so ” , ” Sabi ko na nga ba eh” , ” Hambal ko guid sa Imo “.
● Let us help ourselves first so we can help others.

Certificates were given to participants and nurses who attended can also use this training for their revalidation.

The yummy free refreshments were prepared by PESO led by ate Lagrimas Antonio( previous Board of Trustee) and Malyn Lozano.

Impressive leadership shown by E-LG president Janette Nalundasan Vicera( previous BOT ) for the massive support of the group. Hats off to you madame.
Egot OF’finchley and Marilyn B Thompson , our ever active previous BOTs helped facilitates with our Youth Enfid.

The programme started by some cardio and postural exercises led by the physiotherapist in ENFID with the assistance of PTUK members Pepper Roni and Jan Villegas.

It was a successful event from the smiles and feedback from the participants. Congratulations to all our new Psychological First Aider! We don’t have to save the world but every person you have supported can make a big difference.

ENFID-UK with the active leadership of our Chairperson Christian Estrada would like to bring more free events like this around the UK .

In Unity, will come a big way .

See more photos here: Psychological First Aid Training-Seminar UK