ENFiD-UK Holds Annual General Meeting and Election of Board of Trustees

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora United Kingdom Chapter (ENFiD-UK) held its annual general meeting and election of a new set of members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) on the 30th day of April 2016 at the Westminster City Hall, London.

It was attended by Filipino community leaders and organisations from England, Scotland and Wales. The outgoing officers and members of the Board of Trustees through the chairmanship of Edwin Dela Cruz gave their respective report as to the accomplishments and financial status of  ENFiD-UK.

Consul-General Senen Mangalile shared a message of inspiration to everybody. He represented the Philippine embassy and acted as an observer of the proceedings. He also administered the oath of office of the new set of officers.

Teen singing sensation, Arianna Morgan mesmerized the audience with her angelic voice.

The new set of BOT members who will serve from 2016 to 2018 are:

  1. Christian Estrada
  2. Novo-Mar Ramos
  3. Maria Basford
  4. Petmyla Arceno
  5. Ruby Ibalio
  6. Moises Española
  7. Yvette Ramos

First elected Filipino Councillor in London, Danny Favor and former ENFiD-UK Chairperson, Adelina Dueñas acted as the members of the electoral body, which counted and canvassed the election ballots. Cllr. Favor read and proclaimed the winning candidates.

As approved by a majority of all members present and duly represented, the following incumbent officers will stay as BOT members for another year so as to maintain a continuity of service:

Edwin Dela Cruz

 Lagrimas Antonio
Vice-Chairperson for Wales

 JJ Formento

Janette Vicera

 Renato Lucero
Assistant Auditor 

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.
Press Relations and

Communications Officer

Ms. Charlene Ching of Wonder Foundation talked about the said charitable corporation and how it helped a lot of children from poor families around the world and the Philippines to become successful in their endeavours through an educational scholarship program. She asked for the support of the Filipino community for the furtherance of its advocacy.

Prior to the nomination of candidates, Renato Lucero, ENFiD-UK Auditor expressed his continuing commitment in supporting ENFiD-UK, the Filipino community, and whoever will be elected as new BOT members despite the difficulties and demanding tasks of being an officer. He emphasised that it does not matter what one’s background or educational attainment is because the essential factor is that he or she has the heart and dedication of serving the community of Filipinos.

Peps Villanueva, ENFiD-UK immediate past Vice-Chairman for Northern Ireland, and Gene Alcantara, ENFiD Chairperson, facilitated the flow of the program from inception to conclusion.

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